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Buy Benzyl Alcohol, Technical Grade from a trusted distributer. Benzyl Alcohol is a clear, colorless liquid and is used as a general solvent.

This chemical can be used as an intermediate for the synthesis of several different products such as:

  • coatings and auxillaries
  • disinfectants and claning agents
  • glues, adhesives, and starches
  • auxillaries for the food industry
  • cosmetics
  • perfumes and aromas
  • agrochemicals
  • photochemical products
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Grade Technical
SKU 557196
Weight 500
Package Type Metal Drum
Availability In Stock
Color Clear, Colorless
Odor Slight
Boiling Point 205,3 °C (1013 hPa)
Flash Point Closed cup: 100,4°C (212,7°F)
Vapor Pressure 0,07 hPa (20℃)
Density 1,045 g/cm³
Water solubility 40 g/l (water)
Auto-ignition Temperature 436°C
Viscosity, Dynamic 5,84 mPa·s
CAS 100-51-6
Concentration 99.6
Product Package Type Drum

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