Eraser A/P Herbicide 41% - 2.5 Gallons

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This product is a Glyphosate 41%, non-selective, and broad-spectrum herbicide. It is labeled for non-crop, industrial, turf and ornamental weed control. It is used in agricultural and farm areas where it treats annual and perennial weeds, trees, vines and shrubs, pasture grasses, forage legumes and range lands.

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SKU 16166305
Package Type Jug
Availability In Stock
Color Clear
Odor Slight Amine Odor
pH 4.5
Flash Point Above 113°C (235°F)
CAS 38641-94-0
Chemical Form Clear Viscous Liquid
Concentration 41.0% Glyphosate, Isopropylamine Salt
Country of Origin Details United States
Supplier Details No supplier information available