VERSENE™ NA Chelating Agent

VERSENE™ NA Chelating Agent

Product No. 40252

Package Type Drum

<p>VERSENE™ NA Disodium EDTA Chelating Agent is a food and pharmaceutical grade product which meets the requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex and U.S. Pharmacopeia XXII. VERSENE™ NA Chelating Agent is a partially neutralized salt of EDTA, in dry form, and is suitable for direct food applications. It is well suited for applications calling for neutral pH or mildly acidic conditions common to most food and pharmaceutical products. The principal function of VERSENE™ NA Chelating Agent is to chemically bind and render inactive those trace metals having an adverse impact on the color, flavor, clarity, shelf life, and other important characteristics of foods and pharmaceuticals. Literature references indicate synergy in antimicrobial activity. The applications and amount of disodium EDTA allowed to be used in food products is specifically regulated by the US FDA. All such uses must conform to the regulations. Disodium EDTA is considered a food preservative in the US FDA regulations. VERSENE™ NA disodium EDTA is Kosher and Pareve certified for Passover.</p>


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SKU 40252
Availability In Stock
Weight (lbs) 100
Grade Food and Pharmaceutical Grade
Package Type Drum
Synonyms Disodium EDTA, dihydrate
Appearance White to off-white powder
Regulatory Status FCC, Food Additive, JECFA
Odor Odorless
pH 4 - 6 1%
Vapor Pressure < 0.01 mmHg
Water solubility 100 g/L at 25 °C (77 °F)
CAS 6381-92-6
Formula C10H14N2O8Na2 ● 2H2O
Applications Agriculture Cleaning products Food and beverage Metalworking Indirect food contact Oilfield applications Pharmaceuticals Polymerization Pulp and paper Scale removal and prevention Textiles Water treatment
Applications Halal Certified
EDTA chelating agents are the workhorses of our chelating agent line
Available in diammonium, tetraammonium, disodium, and acid forms
Physical forms include liquids, and crystal forms

Prohibited Uses

This product may not be used in the applications or end markets listed below.

  • Intentionally Harmful Applications
  • Medical Applications - see Dow Policy
  • Tobacco
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Marijuana
  • Application that requires approval: Cosmetic
  • Entities that require approval: Individuals; Doctors; Groups of Doctors; Companies with names indicating medical/surgical/healthcare affiliations; Universities.


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