ALFOL® 1214GC Alchol - Technical Grade - 350 lb Drum

ALFOL® 1214GC Alchol - Technical Grade - 350 lb Drum

ALFOL® 1214GC Alchol - Technical Grade - 350 lb Drum

Product No. 16167681

Package Type Drum

Sasol Chemicals ALFOL 1214GC Alcohol is a blend of high purity petrochemical-based linear primary alcohols. ALFOL 1214GC Alcohol is a clear colorless liquid with a sweet pungent odor. ALFOL 1214GC Alcohol is classified as readily biodegradable in standard ready biodegradability tests. Sasol Chemicals ALFOL alcohols are physically and chemically equivalent to corresponding oleochemical-based alcohols derived from such sources as coconut oil and palm oil.


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SKU 16167681
Weight (lbs) 350
Grade Technical
Package Type Drum
Synonyms Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol, 1-dodecanol, 1-tetradecanol
End Use Agricultural chemicals, Detergents and cleaners, Detergents for household purposes, Flavors and fragrances, Industrial applications, Lubricants, Metalworking and fuel additives, Additives, Oil and gas, Paints, Coatings, Adhesives, Paper chemicals, Water treatment, Paper coating, Personal care, Plastic and rubber additives, Specialty, Textile, Leather processing
Flash Point 121 - 129 °C (250 - 264 °F)
Supplier Univar Solutions
Applications Industrial chemical, Intermediate for surfactants, Emollient, Lubricity, Emulsion stabilizer
Chemical Form Liquid

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