ALKEST® TW 80 K - Food Grade (FCC, NF, Kosher) - 2200 lb IBC

ALKEST® TW 80 K - Food Grade (FCC, NF, Kosher) - 2200 lb IBC

ALKEST® TW 80 K - Food Grade (FCC, NF, Kosher) - 2200 lb IBC

Product No. 16186283

Package Type Tote

ALKEST® TW 80 K is a liquid form mild non-ionic surfactant with very low eye irritation. It can be used as a solubilizing agent in oil-in-water emulsions and as a humectant. The ALKEST® TW line is made up of ethoxylated sorbitan esters. The products in the ALKEST® TW line are hydrophilic, having high HLB values. The presence of the polyoxyethylene chain makes the products in the ALKEST® TW line soluble or dispersible in water, which favors their application in oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions, as dispersants/solubilizers of oils and fragrances, and as co-surfactants and humectants in shampoos, hand soaps, and body washes. ALKEST® SP 60 and ALKEST® SP 80, when used in combination with ALKEST® TW 60 or 80, are excellent emulsifiers for beeswax, paraffin, carnauba and their mixtures, promoting stability and homogeneity of formulations.


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SKU 16186283
Weight (lbs) 2,200
Grade NF;FCC
Package Type Tote
Synonyms E 433, POE (20) Sorbitan Monooleate, Polyoxyethylene (20) Sorbitan Monooleate, Polysorbate 80
INCI Polysorbate 80
End Use Personal Care Applications,
Hair Care,
Skin Care,
Bath & Shower
Specific Gravity @ 25°C 1.080 - 1.090 @ 25 °C (77 °F) Reference Material: (water = 1)
Color yellow, amber
pH 5.6 - 8.0 @ 25 °C (77 °F)
Boiling Point 100 °C (212 °F)
Flash Point > 149 °C (300 °F)
Vapor Pressure 0.01 hPa @ 25 °C (77 °F)
Supplier Oxiteno
Applications Non,-Ionic Surfactant, Emulsifier, Solubilizer, Skin Conditioning Agent (Emollient)
Chemical Form Liquid

Prohibited Uses

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