TPC 1285 (PIB) - 55 Gallon Drum

TPC 1285 (PIB) - 55 Gallon Drum

TPC 1285 (PIB) - 55 Gallon Drum

Product No. 123887

Package Type Metal Drum

TPC series offer enhanced grades of Polyisobutylene (PIB), which are replacements for conventional grades of PIB in applications where viscosity and tackiness are desired key qualities. The proprietary production process provides clear, consistent and water white products in a variety of molecular weights and viscosities.


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SKU 123887
Weight (lbs) 385
Grade Technical
Package Type Metal Drum
Synonyms PIB, Polybutene, Polyisobutylene, TPC
Color Clear, Colorless
Odor Faint, Characteristic
Flash Point 140 °C (284 °F)
Vapor Pressure Negligible
Relative Density 0.88 - 0.94 @ 15.6 °C (60.1 °F) Reference substance: (water = 1)
Water solubility Immiscible
Viscosity, Kinematic 3000 - 3400 mm2/s @ 100 °C (212 °F)
CAS 9003-27-4
Chemical Form Liquid

Prohibited Uses

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