Sodium Percarbonate | Washing Soda |50 lb Bag

Sodium Percarbonate | Washing Soda |50 lb Bag

Sodium Percarbonate | Washing Soda |50 lb Bag

Product No. 16148513

Package Type Bag

Sodium percarbonate products have a wide range of applications in the field of cleaning
products; the main user of sodium percarbonate is the household cleaning products industry,
which is expected to use more than 95% of the worldwide total sodium percarbonate demand.
Sodium percarbonate has many functional benefits as liquid hydrogen peroxide has. Sodium
percarbonate releases oxygen and alkali, which provide powerful cleaning, bleaching,
disinfecting, and deodorizing capabilities.

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More Information
SKU 16148513
Weight (lbs) 55
Grade Technical
Package Type Bag
Color White, Crystalline Powder
pH 10.4-10.6 ; 140 g/l ; 20 °C / 68 °F
Relative Density 2.16 ; 20.4 °C / 68 °F
Water solubility 140 g/l ; 20 °C / 68 °F
Supplier UNIVAR
CAS 15630-89-4
Applications Home laundry bleach
Institutional cleaning products
Heavy-duty detergent with bleach function
Automatic dishwasher detergent
Carpet cleaning booster
Paint cleaner
Concrete cleaner
Soil remediation
Sanitizing and disinfecting products
Pulp & Paper bleaching
Denture cleaning products
Chemical Form Crystalline Solid / Crystalline Powder

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