Pol-E-Zolv Polymer Cleaner- 5 Gallons

Pol-E-Zolv Polymer Cleaner- 5 Gallons

Pol-E-Zolv Polymer Cleaner- 5 Gallons

Product No. 16163798

Package Type Poly Pail

Pol-E-Zolv for easier wastewater equipment cleaning

Routine cleaning and maintenance of filter press equipment are necessary measures of the waste treatment operation. Pol-E-Zolv is an odor-free, non-hazardous product for cleaning spills and dewater equipment involving water treatment polymers. The product is highly effective without damaging your machinery.

Clean equipment safely and more effectively

  • Helps avoid damage to filter cloth materials in filter press equipment
  • Helps quickly clean polymer feed tubing and piping as well as polymer feed pumps
  • Improves solids capture and increases press water removal
  • Helps eliminate binding and belt damage due to dirty press belts
  • Improves cake solids percentage and cake dryness
  • Breaks down polymer molecules for easy pressure wash removal

Save time and money

  • Eliminates the risk of hazardous exposure
  • Increase the time interval between press belt cleanings from 20-50%
  • Reduces sludge hauling costs
  • Reduces polymer consumption
  • Efficiently cleans polymer, scale, and biological material from micropores in press cloths
  • Increases throughput of gallons of sludge processed


This product is protected under USA patents 9,945,074 and 10,487,451 B2


More Information
SKU 16163798
Weight (lbs) 49
Grade Technical
Package Type Poly Pail
Country of Origin United States
Color Colorless
Odor weak
pH 6.5 - 7.5 (20 °C)
Boiling Point > 450 °F
Flash Point > 220 °F
Relative Density 1.18 (20 °C)
Supplier UNIVAR
CAS 100-51-6

Prohibited Uses

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  • For intended uses only


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