CARUS 3190 - Technical Grade, NSF - 605 lb Drum

CARUS 3190 - Technical Grade, NSF - 605 lb Drum

CARUS 3190 - Technical Grade, NSF - 605 lb Drum

Product No. 16148205

Package Type Drum

CARUS 3190 water treatment chemical is an effective corrosion inhibitor developed specifically for use in potable and industrial water systems. It forms a stable, highly ressistant film on teh inside of distribution piping and metal surfaces, providing for effective corrosion control. It is designed to inhibit corrosion of steel distribution system water lines, iron and galvanized piping, and lead and copper plumbing. Additionally, it decreases iron tuberculation, which can extend the life of the distribution system. CARUS™ 3190 decreases the potential for trihalomethane (THM) formation by using the product at a lower water pH and protects against the release of asbestos or cement from water mains. The product is a liquid concentrate of exceptional purity, clarity, and stability.


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SKU 16148205
Weight (lbs) 605
Grade Technical
Package Type Drum
End Use Water Treatment
Specific Gravity @ 25°C 1.35 @ 25 °C (77 °F) Reference Material: (water = 1)
Flash Point Not applicable
Applications Corrosion Inhibitor, Scale Control
Chemical Form Liquid

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